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Are You Looking For New Coach?
Hi there! How are you doing? Here is Jana,

and I am passionated about life coaching as much I am passionated about well-being education. Working with my own coach through my life helped me to be my true authentic self which brought to my life feelings of true happiness and peace. I always wanted to be a coach and my life led me to get my own coaching practice. If you are looking for a coach, considering a cooperation with me, no matter if you are from our outside of academia, I will be more than happy to help you with:
- Getting to Know Your True Self and What You Desire in Your Life
- Honoring Yourself and Being Your True Self in Every moment of Your precious Life 
- Discovering and Active Using of your Strengths
- Maximizing your Academic Well-being
- Managing your Stress
- Improving of your Academic and Personal Success

If you feel like you would like to try me as your coach, email me at I cannot wait to work with you :-)

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