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Book a Talk, Key-note Presentation Well-being Workshop, Professional Consultation or a Well-being Coaching with Jana

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Step into a world of well-being with Jana Koci, PhD, Assistant Professor of Health and Well-being Education at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. With a passion for fostering academic success and holistic health, Jana leads the charge in student well-being education, offering dynamic workshops and coaching sessions designed to elevate the university experience.











Drawing from years of her research and dedication, she provides transformative consultations rooted in the science of well-being to help you build the life you really want for yourself. Renowned for her expertise in cultivating a culture of thriving in academia,

Jana is a trailblazer in the field, guiding individuals towards their full potential with innovative approaches and genuine care.












As a member of the Positive Education Consortium, she stands at the forefront of the movement towards academic flourishing, empowering students, professors, and university employees alike.


Through her work at Claremont Graduate University and many other universities worldwide Jana works closely with, her impact extends globally, bridging gaps in well-being education and research. With Jana Koci as your guide, embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, where well-being is not just a goal, but a way of life.



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Are You Looking For New Coach?
Hey you :-) Here is Jana speaking - let me please say that I am passionated about life coaching as much I am passionated about well-being education. Working with my own coach through my life helped me to be my true authentic self which brought to my life feelings of true happiness and peace. I always wanted to be a coach and my life led me to get my own coaching practice. If you are looking for a coach, considering a cooperation with me, no matter if you are from our outside of academia, I will be more than happy to help you with:
- Getting to Know Your True Self and What You Desire in Your Life
- Honoring Yourself and Being Your True Self in Every moment of Your precious Life 
- Discovering and Active Using of your Strengths
- Maximizing your Academic Well-being
- Managing your Stress
- Improving of your Academic and Personal Success

If you feel like you would like to try me as your coach, email me at I cannot wait to work with you :-)



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Full day workshop (4x 90 minutes)             900 USD + tax *                   

1/2 day workshop (2x 90 minutes)               500 USD + tax *                    

Professional Consultation (60 minutes)    200 USD + tax *                

Coaching Session (60 minutes)                 100 USD + tax *                           

(*travel and living expenses are not included; also possible on-line)

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Book event

Write us an email to:

Or call us here: +420 731 186 560

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