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Introducing "The Science of
Well-being, Spirituality, and Healing" Conference:

Date: February 2025
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Connect the dots between science, spirituality and well-being.

Konferenční místnost

About the conference

This conference represents a convergence of minds from around the globe, dedicated to exploring the multifaceted dimensions of human well-being and spiritual growth. Through a series of engaging keynotes, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking panel discussions, participants will delve into the latest research, practices, and insights at the nexus of science, spirituality, and healing.

Who Should Attend

This conference welcomes scholars, researchers, practitioners, educators, and seekers from all backgrounds who are passionate about exploring the interconnectedness of science and spirituality and its profound implications for human flourishing and global well-being.

Vyvažování kamene

Key Themes:

  • Understanding the science of well-being and flourishing

  • Exploring the role of spirituality in human consciousness and evolution

  • Harnessing ancient wisdom traditions for modern healing and transformation

  • Integrating holistic approaches to health and wellness

  • Cultivating resilience, inner peace, and self-discovery

Říční kameny

Join Us

Experience the magic of Bali as we come together to embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and transformation. Mark your calendars for February 2025 and prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered at "The Science of Well-being, Spirituality, and Healing" conference. Together, let us co-create a future of greater harmony, wisdom, and well-being for all.


Our Team

Join the conference organized by The International Science and Spirituality Association, Uniwellsity s.r.o. and the members of our board Jana Koci, Ph.D. (Charles University), Christopher Chen, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate University), I Gusti Ayu Diah Fridari, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D. (Udayana University), Thomas Andrew Budd, Ph.D. (Untrim International, Bali, Indonesia), Mgr. Petra Koldova (Uniwellsity s.r.o. & Charles University), and Diego A. Bonilla (DBSS). Each brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our collective pursuit.


Diego A. Bonilla


North America

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