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About Jana Koci, Ph.D.


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LinkedIn: Jana Koci Ph.D.

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Jana Koci, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health and Well-being Education at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a leading researcher and educator on the building of academic well-being in her country and she wrote this book based on her deep care for university students. She teaches a popular Student Well-being class for Charles University students and also for students from European Universities from the 4EU+ alliance, based on the content of her book Well-being and Success for University Students. She organizes research on students’ well-being at her university, and her sincere care for her students is reflected in her excellent student evaluation. Jana graduated with honours for her outstanding academic achievements, and she was honoured as for her contribution as an outstanding young researcher by the EFSA European Food Safety Authority committee in 2015. Jana is a visiting professor at Claremont Graduate University in California where she works on independent research in positive psychology, and she also spent several semesters at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln designing a nutrition education program for Czech students. She earned her PhD in Pedagogy with an emphasis on Health Education, and she focuses her research on the application of positive psychology within the academic environment through the fostering of well-being for university students, professors and university employees. Jana appreciates discussions with her dear colleagues while teaching a course for professors on How to Build the Well-being of University Students, and she also strives to support the well-being of teachers, professors and all academic personnel in her Well-being for Academics course. She is a member of the Positive Education Consortium, and she also enjoys writing books on well-being care for middle schools and high schools. She is a co-active well-being coach and founder of Uniwellsity. She deeply respects and appreciates the science of well-being; she enjoys working with her students and she cares for the well-being of the whole academic community. And you were her main motivation to write this book in one breath.

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Jana Koci, Ph.D.

Charles University in Prague

Faculty of Education & Charles University Rectorate

Prague, Czech Republic

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personal e-mail:

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+420 731 186 560

LinkedIn: Jana Koci Ph.D.

Instagram: @janakociphd

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