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Our Uniwellsity Team


Jana is a passionate well-being educator who loves working with her students and colleagues. She enjoys topic about good life, well-being, authenticity and contributes in a the field of positive psychology. She is a recognized thought leader in academic well-being, a popular university professor among her students from Charles University (School of Education), creative writer, committed researcher and her strength is life coaching. And she created Uniwellsity for all of us to have a place where we all can do what we love.



Diego is greatly interested in modeling the adaptation processes in complex biological systems. He is an excellent researcher i the field of human nutrition, health and well-being, outstanding educator and a founder of DBSS International. 




Petra is a highly qualified teacher with expertise in biology, geology, environmental studies, and health education. Her expertise spans across teaching both second-grade elementary school students and those attending secondary schools. Petra's international exposure includes completing internships abroad. 

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