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Introducing The International Science and Spirituality Association (ISSA):

Harmonizing Science and Spirituality: Illuminating Paths to Well-being and Wisdom.

ISSA envisions a world where science and spirituality converge to illuminate paths to enlightenment and collective evolution, fostering a vibrant global community of seekers and scholars.



Inspired by the convergence of science and spirituality, ISSA embarks on a transformative journey to explore the interconnectedness of human existence. Our mission is driven by a shared passion for holistic well-being, psychology, education, and health sciences.

As stewards of The Science of Well-being, Spirituality, and Healing conference, we unite minds from Europe, Indonesia, the USA, and North America. Our collective love for both science and spirituality fuels our quest to unravel the mysteries of human potential and flourishing.

Based in the enchanting locale of Bali, Indonesia, ISSA serves as a nexus of collaboration, inviting individuals from every corner of the globe to join our vibrant network. Together, we strive to cultivate a community of like-minded souls dedicated to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, and transformation.

Welcome to The International Science and Spirituality Association (ISSA), where the union of science and spirituality heralds a new era of human understanding and collective evolution. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards enlightenment and harmony.


Founder:  PhDr. Jana Koci, Ph.D., well-being researcher and educator passionated in intertwining the realms of science and spirituality, focusing on building blocks of well-being and a good life.

Board: Guiding our mission are esteemed members of our board, including PhDr. Jana Koci, Ph.D. (Uniwellsity s.r.o. & Charles University in Prague), I Gusti Ayu Diah Fridari, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D. (Udayana University), Thomas Andrew Budd, Ph.D. (Untrim International, Bali, Indonesia), Christopher Chen, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate University), and Diego A. Bonilla (DBSS). Each brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our collective pursuit.

Our Partners

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