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Student Well-being Course

WEDNESDAYS FROM 17:00 - 18:30

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Do you want to work on your own well-being, study more comfortably - and quite possibly even more successfully? Then this course could be for you the right choice. Recently, universities have noticed an increased interest in the study of this phenomenon and they themselves want to actively support the well-being of their students. This semester-long online course is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the latest approaches and theories. The result is the adoption of habits that build your own well-being, which will positively affect not only you, but also your study results. At each of the planned webinars, we will briefly look at the latest scientific knowledge in the field of well-being, we will self-assess our well-bing in 10 different domains through drawing our own well-being flower diagrams, we will wintroduce research-proven activities that build well-being, and try how to apply such activities to the daily life of a student. We begin with a joint review of the data obtained in the field of positive psychology over the past two decades. We will focus on the relatively new well-being support framework, PERMA5, which represents the basic building blocks of happiness, which we will focus on during the next semester. For example, we will discuss physical health, positive thinking, creating a positive environment, economic security, positive emotions, engagement, good relationships, meaning in life, success and our authenticity. Together, webinar after webinar, through lectures, group discussions and practice activities, we will learn how to take care of our well-being, thanks to which we can piece together a satisfied student life bit by bit.

Lessons Plan

  • Introduction to Well-being and Success for University Students

  • Building Your Positive Emotions

  • Building Your Engagement

  • Building Your Positive Relationships

  • Building Your Meaning

  • Building Your Achievement

  • Building Your Physical Health

  • Building Your Mindset

  • Building Your Environment

  • Building Your Economic Security

  • Building Your Authenticity


The course will be completed with a credit awarding. The student has a total of three attempts to fulfill the conditions of the class, two of which are possible corrections.


The credit awarding is conditional on 70% participation in online classes, active participation in classes, completion of exercises between individual meetings, completion of the well-being questionnaire before the start of the class and after the class (optional, but highly appreciated).

Study Load

The subject has 5 credits according to ECTS, the total time load of the student corresponds to 125 hours. Expected preparation time for 1 lecture 90 minutes, self-study of literature (for the whole semester) 13 hours, work with study materials (for the whole semester) 13 hours, completion of ongoing tasks (for the whole semester) 17 hours. Exam preparation 20 hours.


Meetings are 90 minutes each week via ZOOM (while the middle and final meetings will be in person at the Hybrenská campus). After successfully enrolling in the course, you will be sent a Zoom link, which please log in at the scheduled time.

Due to the topicality of the topic and professional literature, the presentations are, however, in English, but the teaching, as well as all conversations and communication between us, is conducted in Czech.

A Moodle "Well-being Students" has been created for the course, in which all study materials will be available to you. You can find the course here: (the key to the course will be given to you after your successful registration). The capacity of students is limited to 30 for the interactive form of teaching.

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